What Makes Us Unique in the Industry?

Responsive Screens

We believe in conversion and brand development, and Merging the two together to make you an authority in your niche. Your digital brand portrays your business values and public image. Coded Sky Design truly believes in having a crystal clear brand identity online in order to have a positive effect on your target audience.

We focus on creating content that your audience wants. Content can be in the form of free reports in exchange for an email. Newsletters are dead, and it’s a careful balance of giving content and pitching.

Increased Conversion Rate Built In

Design of a website is a crucial factor which impacts the lead generation. Coded Sky Design makes sure that your target audience gets what they need from the website with several elements to encourage the conversation. We make sure that your target audience becomes a conversion.

A few of the key elements which we include are:

  • Headline: Headlines are targeted to encourage the visitors to understand what the webpage is about.
  • Description: Each and every paragraph in the webpage clearly explains your company voice and how your company can accomplish the needs and requirements of the visitors.
  • Benefits: Clearly breaking down benefits to your customers helps them to understand about your company better and faster.
  • Call to Action: This assures the visitors to contact you instantly with the help of interacting word play, thus enhancing the conversion rate.
  • Reviews: Real and genuine testimonials from your customers to showcase credibility in products or services you provide.
  • Highlight Features: Key features are meant to be glanced at first view, and we make sure of that.
  • Navigation: With right and logical navigation, it increases the view per page of your products or services.
  • Supporting Visuals: The right images and videos will surely speak out a thousand words.
  • Trust Elements: The logos of your clients on your webpage gives credibility and enhances the confidence among new customers.
  • Email marketing: Target audiences who didn’t get to be your customer can be brought back with give and pitch content.

What You Can Find in Our Designs

  • Conversion-Centred Web Design:
    Our web designs are specially crafted for our customers who can build their business by increasing sales leads and enhance the business credibility.
  • Build Trust:
    Trust indicators are built-in our designs to emphasize your potentials with the help of customer reviews, testimonials, logos of your clients and details about them.
  • Generate Sales Leads:
    Strategically placing appointment forms for potential customers enhances the sales lead. Forms include call-to-action buttons, contact forms, live chat and phone numbers.

Responsive Web Design Made Simple

Our approach towards design offers you a website which will be a joy and a user-friendly experience for your customers on any screen. We believe that flawless user-experience is the first stepping stone to build brand credibility and gain customer loyalty.

The Problem

Imagine one of your visitors is checking out your website on their desktop computer but is out running errands later in the day. They now want to check some information they remember from your website. They pull out their iPhone and bring up your website, but it displays really, really small, and the experience for the user is terrible. So, they end up searching and finding a similar service, and your competitor’s site comes up beautifully because it’s responsive. Well, you just lost a customer and money. Think of how many people are out there just like them? Don’t wait, fix it now! Contact us today.

The Solution

Every day that you wait is a potential conversion lost to your competitor. Don’t wait any longer, if you know your site could be a profit generator but have no idea where to start, give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help you, it’s what we do. Also, check out our other services which have their own websites. There is nothing we can’t handle.

Why You Need a Responsive Website?

Search engines are promoting websites which are responsive in their search results. Rapidly growing mobile usage prefers to have better websites which they can view in their Smartphone. 4 out of 5 websites are closed by users if they are not user-friendly. So why risk your business?

What is Responsive Design?

In layman’s terms, responsive web design simply means designing or developing a website that adapts to all devices, or responds to the device’s screen size and not browser type or device type. The elements such as navigation, text, and images all adapt the screen size without compromise to usability and user experience.

It is the best way to be sure your content is shareable, viewable, and most importantly, useful to the user. Mobile usage is going to increase year after year, and if your website(s) are not giving your users the best experience possible, well, you might as well not be in business. Don’t delay, and get your site either mobile friendly, mobile optimized, or fully responsive.

Features which we Offer with our Responsive Design

  • Designed for 4 Corners: Our responsive web designs are meant for four corners of the screens, rather than following specific screen dimensions.
  • User-friendliness: Our designs are meant for real people to communicate with our design, rather than designing something which people find hard to understand what the website is selling.
  • Performance: Our designs are specially designed with performance in mind. We understand that most mobile users never wait for more than 2s for a website to load.
  • Device Agnostic: Our design agenda is device agnostic so that visitors get a great experience irrespective of which device they check.
  • Usability: It’s tempting to provide a “cool” user experience however it often leads to a terrible user experience. The websites we design load fast and display navigation controls clearly.
  • Fluid Width: Following the grid based on fluid percentages, you never have to worry about any new screen size. Your website will work flawlessly on any screen, assuring a future-proof website.
  • Cross Browser Support: Our designs works perfectly fine on every browser which includes but not limited to Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.


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