Our team does everything in its absolute creative power to provide the highest quality deliverables as stated in every contract signed.

We also do our best to provide a unique customer service experience whereby we answer every single question you have and provide expert consultation throughout the life of our partnership with a client.

There are no refunds given after a contract is signed and the project is set in motion.
A full or partial refund is at the full discretion of the CEO.


Once a project is set in motion our team delegates project managers, designers, and developers through, emails, text, phone calls, in-person and virtual meetings. All of this is a time-intensive process and our time is our most precious commodity. We also do research on your business prior to working together and after. We also provide expert advice at no additional cost as a benefit to working with us. We are genuinely fully immersed in your success.

Furthermore, if needed we can pause a project for future reinstatement. However, it is subject to our current workload so it will not be immediately worked on but rather worked into our current client workload.

We hope you understand and if there’s ever a suggestion or dispute. We are more than happy to listen. But we ask the same of you. We know we can always work something out.