Get the right advertisement to the right audience

We take care of the ad creative, targeting, and copywriting so you don’t have to. Whether you
need to advertise your listings or get seller leads, we’ve got you covered.


We have proprietary targeting as well as input from you to target the right audience.

Automated Email Lead Alerts

As soon as a lead comes in you will get an automated notification by email and or text depending on your campaign type.

Monthly Reporting

Depending on your campaign type you will get a monthly PDF report or walkthrough video on the performance of your ad

Facebook Advertising FAQs

    Facebook Advertising FAQs

    We charge an all inclusive fee which is determined by your goals and advertising budget.
    Facebook Advertising is direct marketing. This means you can see results within a few hours of launching a campaign. We adhere to all of Facebook’s ad policies to ensure you maximize your results.
    We start all projects by going over your objectives and will customize a campaign to reach your goals. However, we already have many lead generation campaigns which only need be customized to your brand and niche. Custom creative will be created for niches outside of our already existing campaign templates.
    No. But it’s important to note that we don’t recommend a one-off campaign, especially if you want a campaign that churns out leads and customers every single month. Just like with most things in life this is not a get rich quick marketing tactic.
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