First impressions surely count..!! Your target audience assess your business within a couple of seconds based their first experience with your brand. One business agenda is to develop you business and make it look good among your target audience and customers. Coded Sky Design assures it with our graphic design, visual identity and branding solutions.

Our creative team grabs your business essence and conveys to your target audience to a new dimension. With help of our experienced graphic designers and brand strategists, we implement innovative, yet proven strategies to create a brand identity which makes your business stand out in the crowd. Our team knows how to hit the right notes when it comes to business branding.

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Services which we provide under Graphic Design & Branding include:

  • Logo design
  • Visual Identity Packages
  • Brochures and Catalogues
  • Newsletters, Magazines and Annual Reports
  • Business Cards & Business Systems
  • Marketing Materials
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Display panels and exhibition stands


We understand that branding with design doesn’t necessarily include sophisticated design, rather it’s about knowing where to draw the line. Coded Sky Design acts as a brand guardian for several small businesses and enterprises at Santa Fe. As they know that we understand and showcase what you are and what you present in a most excellent manner.

We aim to help your business be what you expect it to be, with the help of our services, skills and expertise. Feel free to contact us at any time and we shall happily help you out.

Brand Development

No one can deny the importance of brand development for success for any business. What do you think about a brand? Is it your business logo? Is it your product? Or is it a slogan of yours? Well the answer of this question is simple; brand is consisting of all these things. Your brand is your identity and recognition in industry. Are you looking to make brand identity and recognition in the market? Do you want your name to be remembered by larger audience? Yes this is ultimate goal of each organization to build positive brand identity and recognition. If you want this, you are at the right platform. Sky code design is popular to assist businesses to build their brand identity and name in market.

Your brand tells how people think about you and about your products or services. Brand development is pivotal for any business as your identity will tell customer about your products or services. It is not you that are conveying message to customers but it is customers that are perceiving message about you. At sky code design we help you to make your name in market. We have experts and professional that has proven success strategies to make your brand recognized by larger audience. If your branding isn’t well, people will perceive wrong image about you. Brand development includes core values, working style and ethical values inside the company as well as outside. We have experts that will assist you to hide your weaknesses and elaborate your strengths to larger audience.

Brand development includes the process of transparency in order to let audience know the true color of organization. Without telling audience or people about your working style and how you do it, it is hard for you to work with local and international clients. You have to show them that you are trustworthy,reliable and competent enough to work with. We help you to create emotional tie with your clients and customers. Brand development and recognition is not accident, it is an art to engage audience and create positive images in customers and clients mind. We assist you to get satisfactory results, attract customers and retain your existing customers. Brand is a non-tangible asset.

What benefits you can get with brand development?

  • Investor confidence
  • Better awareness of your product or services
  • Increase in sales
  • Attract potential customers and clients
  • High tolerance to price
  • Competitive edge
  • Make differentiation

These are just few benefits that one can get when they decide to hire our services for brand development. Well, benefits are beyond limits these are just few illustrate benefits.You will find many companies that claims to be the best but in reality they are unable to provide you satisfactory results. We don’t make false promise, we deliver what we promise. Customer satisfaction is core essence of our business model. We don’t compromise on our core value and ethical values. At skycode design, you will get promised results but on reasonable rate. Good Luck.


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