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who are we

We are a virtual team of developers, designers, marketing experts and project managers.

our mission

To bridge the gap between technology and deliverability. We believe tools and software should not be a road block to success.

What we do

We solve problems when it comes to digital marketing. 

How Coded Sky Design Came to Be

I started this business to make a little extra money while helping local business owners with their marketing and online presence. Since I started the company in 2013, it has grown steadily year after year. Although, it was pretty tough starting out, I have gleaned so much from making mistakes and continuing the path even though I questioned continuing more than once. I can honestly say, I’m so happy I didn’t quit. I’ve met a lot of people over the years that I would have otherwise not have met if I had called it quits.
My story isn’t that unique in terms of starting a business and facing the challenges that come with it. However, as I press forward to the next 5 years I want to build something that my three daughters can be a part of if they choose to. I also think it’s very important to become an ethical company and doing its part for the greater good. So, I intend to begin choosing several non-profits in which to donate a percentage of profits to. As an adopted child from Guatemala, I know my story could be very different and one that many children of Guatemala really can only dream about as they will never set foot in the United States. I know that I am truly lucky for the life I have and simply want to acknowledge it by building this part of the business.
In terms of my overall passion for marketing, I love being immersed in this field because there’s always something new to learn and it keeps me on my toes. I never liked sitting behind a desk too much and you may think that’s all I do but that’s really not the case. My process is much more streamlined and the team I’ve put together is truly top notch. So, when you work with me and my company you’re getting the best of the best.
Tom Condit

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