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How we Started

I began my journey freelancing and working part-time for companies like USA Today and Dove Corporation. I also worked at different companies in the communication field. Eventually, I started Coded Sky Design because I thought it would be fun to help clients connect the dots in digital marketing. It's been a long journey to say the least. The venture didn't start out as well as I had hoped it would and eventually got burnt out from staying up late trying to make clients happy and meet deadlines. Along the way I learned that in order to be happy and profitable I had to simplify my process and bring on help when I needed it. 
I now have such a process and can work with the type of clients I want to work with. I can now properly interview them in the same way they do my company in order to be sure I can help them. A lot of companies out there don't care about strategy and what it takes to be successful online.
The digital landscape changes just about every day it seems and the industry is booming. However, as good as it is for me, it presents a problem for businesses that don't fully understand nor have the time to learn how to connect the dots in their marketing. 
My company and I want to help these businesses succeed by clearly explaining how the right digital marketing can enhance their business and sales. We thank you for checking out our website and look forward to possibly working together. 
Tom Condit

who are we

We are a virtual team of developers, designers, marketing experts and project managers.

our mission

To bridge the gap between technology and deliverability. We believe tools and software should not be a road block to success.

What we do

We solve problems when it comes to digital marketing. 

“The picture shown is of my first daughter, I have three! Yeah, it's been crazy but I love all of them more than anything. From building my business when she was born, I've learned a lot the hard way. But I have no regrets. I'm much better off than when I started and to some extent feel like everyone has to be somewhat battle tested in order to walk the walk–I still wish I had a mentor but I digress. I continue to watch her grow just like my business and even though we have our hiccups, we always land on two feet. With the right support and the right solutions to our problems, nothing is impossible.”
Tom Condit
CEO & Creative Director

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