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What does SEO Cost ?

For a limited time it costs just $950 per month to rank 12 keywords on Page 1! You will only pay when we start to rank at least 1 keyword. It usually happens in month 2. 

How long witll it take to rank?

To rank all 12 keywords can take anywhere from 3-6 months. We generally see 50% of the targeted keywords on page 1 by month 3 and 75% of all keywords on the first page by the end of month 4. The first month is all setup so no rankings happen until month 2.

What is the catch ?

There’s no catch. We only charge you once we rank one out of the 12 targeted keywords on Page 1. It usually happens in the second month. If there are ZERO ranked keywords, you don’t pay.

How do I start?

Reach out to us via phone or email. We’ll answer any questions you have about our Page 1 SEO service. 

Am I locked into a contract?

We do ask for a 12 month agreement in order keep your Page 1 rankings. By nature, SEO is not a one-time deal.  Google performs 600+ algorithm changes each year so it’s crucial to stay on top of SEO rankings.

Do rankings stick ?

Yes, as long as you’re a paying client of ours, we will do the work to make your rankings stick. Remember, if none of your keywords are ranked, then you don’t pay. 

How SEO Works

Our Website Design

How much does Website Design Cost?

Pricing ranges from $1,000 to develop up to 10 pages of a semi-custom website to $10k+ for a custom website. It will also depend on the type of integrations you wish to have and functionality throughout the website. Generally, simple sites with little to no complex integrations or functionality will start at the $1k range. 

Do I pay before or after?

Generally, we require a deposit to begin the beginning stages of design and development. Final balance is paid upon final delivery and site going live. Our websites come with a 30-day support warranty from time of going live! We want you to have peace of mind. Any issues related to the website will be covered.

How many revisions can I make?

You can make as many as needed until you’re happy and ready to go live. Before we begin development we try to hit the mark as closely as possible to reduce major changes when we go live. But if you’re not happy, we will accommodate. 

Will you host it for me?

Yes, we have hosting plans starting at $99 that include daily backups, maintenance, routine updates, and security. Also included are changes to images or text throughout the website. If you tend to have a lot of edits each month we’ll customize a plan just for you. 

How do I track the work being done?

In our process, we will provide a development link where your website will live until it goes live on your domain name. You can view the link anytime and see how it’s coming along. We also provide you with weekly checkups to ensure you are kept abreast of project timelines.

Do I own the website?

Yes, 100% you own the website. We believe in ownership of all files created by us are yours. We will never hold any files or creative materials from you at any point.  

Our recent work

Below are some websites we've developed. Click on the image and see the site live!

Wolf corp

Custom Home Builder

Unity Medical Clinic

Family Medical Clinic


Santa Fe Association of Realtors

Prima Title

Title Company

Boerne drug company

texas pharmacy

AWIS Austin

Association for Women In Science

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Basics of Web Design

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Great Video Testimonial

Marketing is complicated because all the tools to do it are right at your fingertips but it doesn’t mean you’ll do it right. Leave it to the experts who love to do this stuff everyday. Leave it to Coded Sky Design. 

Tom Condit

Marketing director , Coded Sky design


web development

We build simple to complex websites with all the standard features built it for exceptional web experiences that Google loves.


Ranking in Google is essential to the growth of any company online. Right now, we're offering to rank your site before you pay. Contact us for details.

facebook advertising

We know how to create the right messages to get engagement and leads. Our service includes landing pages, strategy, offer creation, and more.

reputation management

We all need positive reviews and good reputation. That's why we have the system to get good reviews consistently. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

PPC (Google)

We'll plan, build, and optimize the right campaign focused on conversions. Ongoing management and reporting is included.

YouTube advertising

We will create a 1-minute video for use on YouTube's advertising platform. Setup, targeting, and ongoing management included.

social media

We create all the graphics and videos to post to your social channels. We'll even do a makeover-takeover on Facebook for FREE for 7 days. Space is limited so contact us for availability.

SMS & email marketing

We can implement a system to market to your existing customers using text messaging and email in order to get your customers signed up to VIP loyalty programs.