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SEO and web design are complex even with all the tools out there that are supposed to make it easy. Give yourself a break from the trial and error and give us a call. We’ll go over your issues and develop an affordable solution to solve your problems. We only provide what is needed and discard what is not.

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Our web design and SEO services for small business are designed to put the Zen back into your online goals. We completely understand the headaches and frustrations, not to mention hours wasted figuring things out on your own. So, stop trying and start doing, and get things done the right way.

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Websites in WordPress

Our web designs are built with WordPress and other CMS platforms. We’ll listen to your goals and develop a solid plan to get you where you need to be.


SEO Santa Fe Services

Our SEO Santa Fe services are top quality and are designed for small to medium sized businesses. If your SEO is ranking poorly, we can help. There is ethical and unethical SEO, be sure you’re getting the former.


Responsive Designs

Is your site mobile optimized; is it responsive? Decrease the amount of people leaving your site on mobile devices. There’s nothing worse than having to pinch and zoom.

What Sets Us Apart?

When it comes to web design and SEO services, we’ve done the hours of research and hands-on work that gives us an edge over other agencies. Not only have we worked on many projects, but we’ve developed a fine-tuned ability to listen and apply best practices of web design and SEO services to meet your business needs. We know there are hundreds of web apps and platforms available, so we don’t discourage you from exploring those options. In fact, we use the best and most well-known platforms that have the users and reviews to back up their claims. Always remember to do your research as well, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re stuck.

When someone without knowledge of web design and SEO best practices dives into a project without prior knowledge; they end up wasting a significant amount of time without fully understanding core concepts of what they did. Often, the result is the amateur makes things more complicated and has to call an expert to lead them back on the right track. If you have time to waste and don’t mind a few headaches and frustrations then go for it! We encourage you to get your feet wet, but please leave the advanced stuff to the experts. When it comes to Internet marketing, web development, WordPress, SEO, graphic design, business apps, we know the market, and we know the tools to get the job done. If you’re having second guesses with your current provider or need some guidance, give us a call.

Not only did Coded Sky Design create an amazing website for us, they were able help grow my business by getting us ranked on┬ápage 1 of Google for my keyword “Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe.”

Kevin Bankens

Owner, Bankens Combat

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